Flip your perspective: Rotate your video with ease!

"Make your videos stand out with our free online tool - rotate, flip, and invert to your heart's content! Perfect for social media, presentations, or just for fun.

Video Rotator

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Transform your video in just a few clicks with our easy-to-use flip tool!

Whether you want to flip horizontally or vertically, our tool makes it simple to achieve the perfect look. Create stunning visuals for your next project or just flip for fun - try it out now!"

Choose a video

Video Rotator

You can select a file to upload from your computer or phone, wait for the video to upload (it may take a minute, depending on the file size)

Rotate the video

Video Rotator

Once the video is done uploading, you can click on the image and a rotating button will appear above. Use this button to drag your video into the desired orientation. Or you can go to the ‘Adjust’ tab where you can use the slider or specify an exact angle of rotation.

Save the rotated video

Video Rotator

Once you are satisfied with the changes, click ‘Export’ and it will save the new rotated video to your computer or phone.

Why Wavel is best as a Video Rotator Tool ?

Changing the Orientation of a Video

"Is your video oriented the wrong way? No problem! Our powerful video rotator tool lets you change the orientation of your video effortlessly, with options to rotate left or right, flip horizontally or vertically, and even invert colors. Perfect for fixing those pesky orientation issues or adding a creative touch to your video. Try it out now and see the difference

Video Rotator
Video Rotator

Compatible with Any Format

Wavel's online video rotation tool works with all the popular formats such as MP4, MOV, WMV, VOB, AVI, etc.

Video Rotator

Rotate within Seconds

Learn how to turn a video sideways with the click of one button. Nothing extra!

Video Rotator

Online Tool

There is no need to download the editor to your PC, Mac or phone, because it lets you rotate videos online right in your browser.

Video Rotator

Premium Security

When you upload files, the high level encryption ensures you're the only one who can access them before they're deleted from our server.

Video Rotator

Super Easy Tool

You won't have any troubles while using Wavel because its interface is completely intuitive.

Video Rotator

Additional Features

The online video rotator gives you a possibility to convert a file to any desired format right away.

Ready To Rotate Your Video?

Turn your video world right-side-up with our free online tool! Easily flip a portrait video to landscape mode, level an angled video, or create unique visual effects by rotating your video at any angle. Our intuitive interface makes it simple to achieve the perfect look for your video, whether you're fixing an orientation issue or adding a creative twist. Try it out now and start flipping your videos like a pro!

Video Rotator
Video Rotator

Don't let an upside-down video ruin your day! Our online video rotation software makes it easy to flip videos 180 degrees, rotate vertical videos to horizontal, or lock orientation in place for a perfect viewing experience. Whether you shot your video on an iPhone or Android with locked orientation, we've got you covered! Need a vertical video for IGTV? No problem - our intuitive interface allows you to rotate your video from horizontal to vertical with just a few clicks. No video editing experience? No worries - our user-friendly tool makes the process simple and hassle-free. Try it out now and transform your videos with ease!

Say goodbye to downloading and installing video editing software on your computer! With our online video rotator tool, Wavel, you can elevate your video projects entirely online. Our full suite of video editing tools allows you to create stunning videos from anywhere, without the hassle of software downloads. Plus, our online platform makes it easy to access and edit your projects from multiple devices, whether it's your laptop (Windows or Mac) or phone (iPhone, Android, and more). With Wavel, you have the flexibility to work on your video projects anytime, anywhere. Try it out now and experience the ease and convenience of online video editing!

Video Rotator

Foire aux questions

How do you rotate a video and save it permanently?

Steps on How to Rotate A Video and Save It Permanently Step 1: Download and Install Filmora Video Editor. Step 2 : Drag the video to the timeline, rotate the video by 90/180 degrees clockwise. Step 3: Export the Videos.

How do you rotate all videos?

If you've got multiple video elements that you want to rotate the same way, hold down the “Shift” keyboard key and click each one. Next, find the “Rotate” video on the toolbar and click it. Clicking it once will rotate the video to the left, and clicking it again will rotate the video back to the right.

Can we rotate video and save?

While the video plays, tap the screen once to bring up the options menu, then tap Edit. Scroll through the options at the bottom and tap Crop. In the Crop section, tap the middle rotate icon to rotate the video—repeat this until the video is rotated to the right position. Tap Save Copy to save your video.

How do I rotate a video with custom angles?

To do this, you can click on the video in the timeline and then press the Rotate button to rotate the video 90 degrees clockwise. Repeat this as many times as needed to get the right orientation. You can also press the Crop and Rotate button and then move the Angle slider for a more specific rotation.

Why do people take videos vertically?

An overwhelming majority of smartphone users naturally hold their mobile devices in portrait mode. It's easier and more comfortable. In fact, a 2017 study found that 72% of millennials never rotate their phones horizontally when watching videos, even if that means landscape videos appear tiny on their screens